Inches from Eternity

My wife was nearly hit by a car this week. She loves to get up before dawn and go for a walk or jog. However we live on a two lane highway just outside of town. The highway is a main artery for poultry trucks. On the occasions when I’ve joined her on her jogs we have tried to face oncoming traffic. Occasionally due to oncoming traffic in both lanes we are prevented from choosing the safer side of the road. 

But recently she was alone early in the morning, jogging along the side of the highway, with a flashlight, our dog and her Bluetooth headphones. Out of her peripheral vision she noticed headlights fast approaching.  As she turned to her left she suddenly realized what was happening. A pickup truck was in the process of passing an 18 wheeler on her side of the road, most likely entirely unaware of her presence. 

As the truck passed, she says there was only a two foot space of separation between her and the truck and even less between our dog and the truck. The experience has convinced her to utilize our fitness center membership for her exercise. 

This experience has been added to our catalog of stories illustrating God’s providence and mercy over our lives.  Needless to say,  I am thankful that the Lord spared the life of my dear wife. I can’t imagine life without her. 


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